The Lives of Summer Embterns

Catamaran Resort Artisans Bazaar

Last Thursday we were dispatched from our office with the mission to educate the guests of the Catamaran Resort in Mission Beach about Ember Arts and the Acholi Beads we sell. While the weather did not quite cooperate with us, we made the best of the cold cloudy day by inspiring everyone who came to our table with Ember’s touching story. We had an intricate set up of our new and most popular pieces, and were successful in selling a good amount of jewelry. It was so rewarding to see the looks on the unassuming customer’s faces when they learned that the beautiful jewelry they were looking at was actually hand made out of RECYCLED PAPER by women in Uganda. Through sharing the inspirational story that is Ember Arts, we did what the sun had decided not to do and brightened up peoples days. Not only were the guests amazed by our product, but we were visited by most of the other vendors who were intrigued by what we were doing! It was a very rewarding experience, and while we got to walk away from the bazaar with some cash in our pockets, the most valuable part of the day was without doubt being able to share the unique and impressive story that the folks at Ember Arts have worked so diligently to create, both for retailers in the States, as well as for the 27 women we employ in Uganda.


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